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About Me

Jameson Lovelace Hampton is a non-binary adventurer located in the heart of the West side of Buffalo, NY.


They are a ruby and android developer, currently working as a software engineer for Agrilyst, a Tech Crunch Disrupt winning startup that is doing data analysis and crop management for indoor farms. They previously worked as a contractor, working on projects such as Medicapt, a Human Rights Tulip award nominated mobile app to help physicians in third world countries to collect medical evidence of sexual violence crimes in order to increase prosecution.

Articles about projects Jamey has worked on

Besides their background in programming, Jamey is also a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights, particularly for transgender and non-binary people. They are an artist who publishes zines out of their home, a ukulele player and a podcaster, under their pseudonym Eunice Randall.

Jamey loves traveling and the outdoors and can be found camping in the woods, at festivals and burner events almost every weekend during the summer. They also are a world-ranked scavenger hunter, after winning GISHWHES, the world’s largest scavenger hunt, in 2015.